From this section it is possible to download a matlab function bvfilter.p thanks to which it is possible to extract the nonlinear modal response from a non-stationary system.

We propose an implementation that defines the filtering matrix using a graphical user interface (GUI) that visualizes the amplitude spectra of the S-transform of the signal allowing for a point-and-click selection of the desired portion of the time-frequency domain (click the right bottom of the mouse to close the selection). The routine is designed so that the user can select a few points and the computer performs a cubic-spline interpolation.

It is possible to obtain the filtered signal (If) by means bvfilter.p using the following command-line:

    If = bvfilter(fs, fmax, signal)


                    fs = sampling frequency

                    fmax = maximum frequency of interest


If you use a matlab release different from R2011a, please click here to download MCRInstaller.

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